Farming Simulator 25 First Gameplay Footage – INDIAN

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Giants Software Studio Shows First Gameplay Footage of Upcoming FarmCon Farming Simulator 25This is a quick overview of the improved GIANTS Engine 10, one of the new maps, cars and first impressions of growing and harvesting rice.

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Introducing the new game, the Giants focused on improved visuals, including ground fog and improved lighting that stands out both in the sun and at night from the lights of cars. We also get to admire the new American map Riverbend Springs by rapid cutting with a tractor.

In the next part of the presentation rice cultivationone of the new crops in Farming Simulator 25. The second confirmed crop is spinach. It will be possible to grow two types of rice. There are new specific machines associated with this. As expected, the community is not thrilled with this new option. This will be a secondary issue. At least in the case of classic rice, because it will be possible to grow long-grain rice, which is harvested in the field with a classic large combine.

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Source :Indian TV

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