PlayStation Unveils Detailed Figurines for Fans of Horizon, God of War, and Ghost of Tsushima – INDIAN

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Sony boasted of a new series collectible figurinesThe company has prepared figurines from the latest games for collectors and PlayStation fans, led by God of War, Horizon and Ghost of Tsushima.

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The first figure available will be a six-inch one. Eloy from Horizon Forbidden West. Pre-orders are now open for $50 on PlayStation Gear and Amazon for the US and Australia. Shipping in August.

7/15 pre-orders will be launched Egg from Horizon Forbidden West, Gina Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima And Krata with his son God of War RagnarokEach of these numbers will be $30.

According to Sony, the new line of figures is highly detailed, boasts interchangeable accessories and dozens of points that allow you to change the pose of each figure and display it however you want.

Arno Schmitz, lead character designer at Guerrilla Games, claims that the Aloy and Varla figures based on the actual digital sculptures used in the game.They made sure that the number of articulation points made sense and that even the smallest texture details were reflected on the figures. Aloy has 12 accessories that can be customized, including face paint and different head and hand configurations.

Jason Connell, creative director at Sucker Punch Productions, is excited about the new Jin figure, singling out the Ghost of Tsushima protagonist his armor has many beautiful detailsincluding complex fabric patterns.

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Source :Indian TV

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