Game Pass July DLC Marked With Exciting New Games – INDIAN

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July is a typical cucumber month, when nothing interesting comes out. In short, we don’t play much in the summer, which is also reflected in the subscription offer. Microsoft has selected eight games for the first half of the seventh month. And five older ones will be removed from the menu.

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Subscribers Game Pass In July, they will have a colorful joint adventure that takes place on an unknown planet, where, as a newcomer, you will have to discover, catalog alien flora and fauna and decide whether this planet is suitable for human settlement. Journey to the Wild Planet will be available July 3rd for Xbox consoles, PC and the cloud.

The arcade action game will be released on the same day and for the same platforms. Nickelodeon All-Star Game 2 with a diverse cast of characters, from SpongeBob in pants to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cuttlefish, and Jim Neutron. For example, there’s a single-player roguelike campaign where you’ll have to stop the main villain, Vlad Plasmius from Danny Phantom, from taking over the Nickelodeon world.

It will be added on Tuesday, July 9th. Cricket 24 for Xbox, PC and the cloud. Personally, I would highlight the scenic adventure ChiaIn this physics-based action adventure, you’ll climb, swim, sail and sail your way through a vast and beautiful archipelago inspired by New Caledonia.

From the first half of July I would stick with a first-person shooter. Neon Whiteand from the second half – a completely new role-playing game. Flintlock: Siege of Dawn. The authors of Ashen invite us to the battle of gods and weapons for the future of humanity. The main characters are a powerful duo: Nor Vanek and her mysterious fox companion Enki, who has magical and tactical abilities. Also because of this cooperation, the battles are reminiscent of the new parts of the God of War series, where the mighty Kratos is accompanied by his son. The main character combines cold and firearms with magic in battle. Enemies must be insidious, and in your quest for revenge you will meet many enemies.

Next comes the adventure role-playing game. Dungeons of Hinterberg and novelty Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess from Capcom. This Japanese single-player action strategy game challenges us to battle a variety of dangerous creatures from Japanese mythology. All in an effort to restore life to a desecrated sacred mountain.

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