New Xbox interface revealed in Top Gear report – INDIA

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New xbox user interface it was found where we didn’t expect it: in a report from a well-known car dealership Top gearwhich focused on Verna’s self-driving taxi prototype. It was founded by Mate Rimac, CEO of Buggati.

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Xbox Dashboard can be seen on a 43-inch screen. It is designed to make passengers feel as if they are in their living room, playing Xbox on their TV. The user interface itself can be scrolled to the sides and choose a game to play thanks to the cloud. We see The Finals, Fortnite or Halo Infinite.

Do you like this interface? Microsoft told GameSpot that does not plan such a dashboard. He called it the Xbox Rimac. However, it is quite possible that Microsoft will want to use something similar for its own. Xbox’s own mobile storewhich will compete with the App Store and Google Play.

Microsoft has also previously worked on trapezoid console (working title) is set to stream and is reportedly still in the works xbox portable console (portable), similar to Steam Deck and PlayStation Portal.

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Source :Indian TV

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