Slovak game Preserve reveals release date

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Slovakian publisher Grindstone today announced the release date of an upcoming game called Preserve, which was unveiled in January this year. It is a relaxing logic title that focuses on nature and building your own ecosystem. In terms of gameplay, the game is based on the clever placement of plants and animals in a living ecosystem. The game will offer several different biomes that you can enjoy in different modes. In addition to the logical mode, for example, there will be a relaxation mode or a creative mode.

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“We’re excited to release Preserve into Early Access and allow our players to try out all the new content we’re working on,” — says Peter Janosik, studio manager and programmer at Bitmap Galaxy. “The new ocean biome adds a whole new dimension to the game, and we’re confident players will enjoy creating ocean habitats. We’re excited to hear feedback from our community, and we’ll have more to share in Early Access before 1.0 launches.”

Keep will be released on August 8th in the Steam Early Access program, where you can try the game out right now with a free demo.

Source :Indian TV

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