Cyberpunk 2 Will Be More American

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In a new episode of the AnsweRED podcast, developers from CD Projekt RED focused on the direction of the upcoming sequel to Cyberpunk 2077. The upcoming second episode, with the working title Project Orion arises in newly created branches in Boston, USA and Vancouver, Canada. According to game director Pawel Sask and executive producer Dan Hernberg, development in North America and more involvement from developers in that region could make the game more authentic from an American player’s perspective.

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CD Projekt representatives admitted that they made a number of mistakes in terms of authenticity during the development of Cyberpunk 2077, which were pointed out by players in discussions. They specifically mentioned, for example, sewer entrance treatmentwhich has a different style in the US and Europe. In this regard, as an example of other characteristic elements, Sasko also cited the treatment of hydrants, street lighting, curbs or road signs, which have certain differences in America and Europe, and developers must take care of their style.

All these nuances should be logically close to America in the sequel, where the sequel will take us following the example of the first part. In addition to processing the game world, CD Projekt would also like to work on the dystopian style of the entire game. Both Saxony and Hernberg are in this direction They mention, for example, the homeless crisiswhich they say they didn’t show enough in Cyberpunk 2077. So the sequel should be more challenging in terms of solving various social problems.

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