Capcom Buys Minimal Studios Support Team

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Capcom bought by Taiwanese team Minimum studios. Has been working with it since its creation in 2018, with developers taking part in its development Evil Village Aboderemake Resident Evil 4 and most recently on Dragon’s Dogma 2They focus on animation in cutscenes and in-game.

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“We have decided to establish our own subsidiary within the studio to significantly strengthen our development and technological capabilities. We will continue to explore opportunities to acquire the necessary technological capabilities to enhance the level of organization of game development,” Capcom writes, indicating that Minimal Studios is not its last acquisition in the near future.

Very reminiscent of last year’s studio purchase Cane-swordswhich also helps larger teams with development, was also created in 2018 and also focuses on animation, as well as creating character and environment models. The Japanese developers were helping Capcom even before they joined Street Fighter 6.

Capcom can afford to strengthen. He also recorded last year record sales and profits have been growing for eleven years in a row. All of the games mentioned performed well – Street Fighter 6, Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Resident Evil 4.

Source :Indian TV

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