The new Crazy Taxi will have multiplayer, realistic graphics and an open world – INDIAN

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When announcing the return Crazy Taxi We’re excited about the idea of ​​enjoying crazy racing again in a modern way. But over time, fears emerged that have now been confirmed.

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Sega considers the new Crazy Taxi (not a remake, by the way) a big-budget (AAA) game that will have realistic graphics and an open world set in an urban setting. It features resemble the west coast of the United States of AmericaThe map is described as an amusement park. This is a reference to the many attractions we will encounter during our trip.

From a job offer posted by producer Kenji Kanno (he was the head of development for the original Crazy Taxi), we learned another important detail. The developers are focusing on multiplayer elements. The name is even described as large-scale multiplayer racing.

It seems like the creators want to combine the classic elements of the original Crazy Taxi with modern and crazy arcade racing to attract the current generation of players.

The video below shows some moments of the gameplay.

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Source :Indian TV

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