Telltale’s updated conclusion to the Sam & Max trilogy will be released in mid-August – INTERNATIONAL

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Sam and Max Fans Created by Cartoonist Steve Purcellare certainly accustomed to all sorts of madness. After all, we are talking about a talking, two-legged dog who dresses like detectives from the film noir genre, as well as a talking, but fundamentally naked and much more stupid rabbit. This, what we experienced while waiting for the remaster of the episodic game Sam and Max: The Devil’s Theater from Telltale Games, but it was still crazier than usual. Luckily, we now have the all clear.

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Skunkape Games, which consists of members of the original Telltale Games development team and began developing expanded versions of all three episodes starring Sam and Max several years ago, had originally wanted to launch The Devil’s Playhouse within the past year. In the end, however, it was postponed to the spring of 2024. in recent months it has become increasingly clear that even this deadline will not be met by the creators.

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