The most powerful weapon of the Ancient Ring was a bottle of perfume.

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Many players are having a hard time playing Elden Ring due to the news surrounding the recently released expansion. If you are one of those who don’t like the difficulty, we have an option to reduce it a bit. The community managed to find the ultimate weapon. However, she doesn’t have a katana, a greatsword, or a longbow. Nothing like that. Instead of these obvious tools of war, you will be helped along the way by a perfume bottle. Well, to be more precise, a perfume bottle called “Lightning”, which, as the name suggests, hides the power of lightning. When you use her special ability, she sends clouds into the world, which are then struck by lightning. But once you gather everyone in one place, the enemy will take a decent hit.

With its help, players managed to kill the final boss in a nice 13 seconds, which is a decent speed considering its power. If you want to check out how flasks work in Elden Ring, you can do so on PC, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox.

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The most powerful weapon in Elden Ring is the Elden Ring P perfume bottle.

Source :Indian TV

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