Summer sales have started on Steam, you can get a lot of gems at the lowest price – INDIAN

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Summer is already in full swing, and in addition to the sweats and warm nights, it is also the time for vacations for students and possible vacations for adults. How else to celebrate this as a player, if not with the annual summer discounts on Steam. You are already using Steam and will last until July 11th (about one and a half weeks).

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With big discounts you will find not only old games, but also those that came to us recently. Zombie Butcher is definitely worth mentioning. Dead Island 2 for half (29.99 euros). Ubisoft has also gained popularity and is perhaps a little more optimistic today. Ghost Recon Breakpoint you can get it for 5.99 euros and you’re good to go. Immortals Phoenix Rising then, for example, for a record low price of 4 euros.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War you can find a platformer with an extremely positive rating for 2 euros Celeste for 1.95 euros and an amazing story-driven RPG Disco Elysium again for 3.99 euros. Tycoon fans should not miss it Prison Architect for 2.49 euros and of course you should Libraries shouldn’t miss out on The Witcher 3, for example. for 2.99 euros.

Personally, I would still like to develop a rogue-like strategy. Against the storm for 19.49 euros (review here), set Alan Wake + Control (including DLC) for 14.82 euros, Desperados 3 for 10 euros and different parts of the series resident Evilwhich also have big discounts.

You have until July 11, 2024. If you are planning to buy something, you can top up your Steam wallet within a minute using a coupon at Herní You don’t need a payment card. To pay, you can use online transfer, regular transfer, you can pay using your mobile phone via SMS or in cash at Sazka terminals. The coupon will be sent immediately by email.

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