Review of the board game Little Big Underground

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Last week the military strategy of “Heroes of Normandy” was presented here. If you’re not a complete fan of the format and prefer a co-op RPG, then we have an alternative for you in the form of Little Big Underground, which we’ll take a closer look at with the currently available Little Big Underground expansion. : Gossip. Find out more about the couple below.

Number of players: 1-4
Play time: 60 minutes
Price: 799 CZK (Alsa)
Age: 14+

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Evil in the game Little Big Underground is waiting only for you

The plot of the game Little Big Underground takes you to the Goblin Coast, where the inhabitants face difficulties in the form of aggressive monsters that emerge from their dungeons and cause harm to everyone they encounter. Only a select group of heroes can stop the tide of monsters, and why shouldn’t your group do the same, right? At the very beginning, you choose one of eight heroes. You can go towards the dungeon in a group of up to four heroes. There’s also a multi-player option, but it’s based on the idea that you’ll always have to control more than one fighter, since few can complete all the challenges alone.

Once selected, you create three decks, each deck’s appearance determined by the number of adventurers. For each hero, you place a certain number of room cards in the first, then create a second deck by placing one encounter card for each in the new deck, plus three from the room pile. The third deck consists of three rooms, with a lair card between them, which is your destination. You stack the decks neatly, then take four cards from the deck you created and place them next to the entrance card, so that they cover all possible directions.Review of the board game Little Big Underground Little Big Underground 4

The game reminds me a lot of Karak in this regard, because even here you place your hero on the entrance card, and then start playing together. Heroes can always perform a certain number of actions during their turn. The simplest of these is movement, which is closely tied to the hero’s speed. Some can explore up to five squares, while others are limited to three squares. On the other hand, slower characters have higher defense or endurance. Each of them has specific Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence values, which determine the number of dice you can roll in skill tests.

The energy available for movement also helps reveal rooms where you’re never quite sure what’s hidden inside. After this, you will not only add more mysterious rooms to it, but you will also be able to assess the dangers. This can take many forms. There may be a trap waiting for you in the room, an annoying goblin, or one of the servants of the resident of the lower floor, who is the boss here. Your turn can end the moment you run out of points, or the moment you decide to perform some heroic deed.Review of the board game Little Big Underground Little Big Underground 2

This can only be done once per turn, so it’s a good idea to think about what action to take. We have rest, dismantle traps, or search the place you are currently in. The menu also includes spells and attacks. For all these actions, you roll a dice, and when attacking an enemy, you must also include a counterattack figure in the test, which can lead to a decrease in the hero’s health. During the first act of such encounters, you go through a series. However, there is always a second chapter, where you encounter a local antagonist who is not at all easy to fight. Therefore, along the way, you need to acquire enough equipment and spells, because only with their help can you defeat evil.

The game ends with the heroes failing or succeeding in a battle with one of the underworld lords. Among them, you can meet a hydra, a goblin king, or even a gorgon. The encounters themselves are relatively difficult, but the replayability is not small. And if you get tired of combing the same space over and over again after several dozen games, there is also an expansion Little Big Underground: Rumors.Review of the board game Little Big Underground Little Big Underground 3

Little Big Underground: Rumors will offer you new heroes and quests into the depths

However, if you decide to include Little Big Underground: Rumors in your gameplay, you can expect that it will really drag on, which is why, in addition to the old guard of eight characters, you will have eight newcomers at your disposal. , in front of which you will find not a one-story dungeon with a boss, but a multi-level instance. So, to be more precise, there are three floors waiting for you.

Little Big Underground Board Game Review Little Big Underground 5

Here you define the first deck almost the same as in the base game, but already optimize the second for the new rumor cards that can bring a dungeon or a portal into the game. There are a lot of options in this regard, so you can really count on a lot. In the third pack, you will not find a boss lair, but more of a staircase leading to the third floor, where two bosses await. Between floors, you always have the opportunity to rest and recuperate. The third floor itself will be a great test of your strength, which, fortunately, you will be able to overcome with the help of new equipment.

Personally, I found the inclusion of Hearing very useful. This is a decent increase in difficulty and overall increase in gameplay. In short, this is one of those expansions that you want to have on your tabletop because with it you can greatly increase the replayability and also take the difficulty to the next level. The newcomers among the heroes are also good, capable of attracting the interest of every lover of spectacular expeditions to the depths.Little Big Underground Board Game Review Little Big Underground 6

Little Big Dungeons – Karak for adults

Quite a strong statement, right? But this is really so, or at least that’s how I perceive this work for myself. Small big Undergrounds is an excellent game focused on traveling into dark dungeons, where a lot of unpleasant surprises await you. The cast of heroes is interesting and there are quite a few enemies in the depths. In a somewhat traditional vein, you’ll have to reckon with the treachery of dice and tough bosses whose strength may surprise you. If you get bored of the base game later, there’s also an affordable expansion, Little Big Underground: Rumors, that can give the game a decent kick.

Small big dungeons in general are almost a win-win option. Once you start playing, you won’t be able to just escape from the dungeon. Personally, I would recommend the game primarily to fans of dungeon crawling, where evil is just waiting to be destroyed. It will be the perfect choice for you. If you manage to get your hands on a neoprene pad, you shouldn’t throw it away during play either.

We would like to thank Czech distributor REXhry for providing us with copies of Little Big Underground and Little Big Underground: Rumors.

Source :Indian TV

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