Steam Summer Sale: Huge Discounts on Popular Games

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The Steam Summer Sale is approaching, bringing with it fantastic discounts on hundreds of popular games. What are the sales on Steam, what games can you buy at great prices, and what games can you get for free? Also read how to easily top up your Steam Wallet and get ready for the next big discounts.

What are Steam sales?

Steam sales are regularly organized by the gaming platform Steam and are held big event for all gamers and video game lovers. Available for purchase during sales games at significantly reduced prices – sometimes a discount is formed up to 90% original prices for games. There are many sales throughout the year – in addition to the so-called festival sales, which are usually smaller and focused on a specific type or genre of video games, there are also seasonal sales. Seasonal sales continue. Four times a year and belongs among the biggest.

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Steam Summer Sale 2024

Video game fans can rejoice as the Steam Summer Sale is about to begin this year. Discounts start working from June 27 and will be available until July 11. This two-week sale will give gamers around the world the opportunity to get their favorite games at very affordable prices. The advantageous timing of this sale can also be used to purchase nice gift for a certificate or buy an interesting game on summer vacation.

Best Games from the Summer Sale

Steam Summer Sale 2024 Offers 2 games for free – logical Islands of Insight with over 10,000 games and episodic adventures Tell me why. Some games can be purchased even for 95% discount. Among the interesting games that you can use Discounts on SteamFor example:

  • The Witcher 3 – 90% discount – a very popular role-playing game of 2015, based on the Polish books by A. Sapkowski.
  • Forza Horizon 4 – 80% off – an open-world racing video game that is currently the best-selling game on Steam. The game is set in the UK and features over 450 types of cars to race.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 – 50% discount – The action of the role-playing game takes place in Night City, an atmospheric, detailed city where modifications of strength and body play an important role.
  • GTA V – 25% off – a legendary 2013 adventure game set in San Andreas. It became the fastest-selling game and received one of the best game reviews ever.
  • Dead Island 2 – 50% off – an action game in which the main character fights an aggressive virus that causes mutations of people into zombies.
  • Battlefield 2042 – 90% off – Season 7 of a truly exciting and world-famous first-person shooter.
  • Stellaris – 70% off – Stellaris is a popular sci-fi strategy game in which the player interacts with alien populations, learns about their worlds, and reacts to events occurring in them.
  • Horizon: Forbidden West Complete Edition – 20% discount – 2022 game for fans of the RPG genre with beautiful graphics and excellent combat.
  • Satisfactory – 50% discount– build factories on an unknown planet, explore a new world and cooperate with friends.

At reduced prices you can also buy games such as Total War Warhammer III (29.99 euros), Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader (32.49 euros), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (45.49 euros), Civilization VI (2.99 euros) or The Elder Scrolls Online (5.99 euros).

How to Easily Fund Your Steam Wallet Using Steam Coupons

Be sure to take advantage of the big summer discounts have enough funds in your Steam Wallet. An easy way to fund your Steam Wallet is to use it. Steam Coupons.

How Steam Coupons they buy? All you need to do is select the value of the coupons you want on Game Coupons, the official Czech seller of Steam coupons, and pay for them using one of the flexible payment options – you can pay not only by credit card, but also, for example, by bank transfer or cash at SAZKA terminals.

Game coupons offer a 10 or 25 euro option while guaranteeing transfer of the entire amount even when paying in crowns. Once payment is completed, the customer will receive a coupon code via email, which they will then enter into their Steam wallet. Coupons available can be combined arbitrarily and have a long term of action. The money doesn’t have to be spent right away, it can be used again over time for a new Steam sale. You can easily find out when the next Steam sale is on the site. When will the system resume operation?.

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