The original Resident Evil appeared on GOG. Other parts will follow – INDIAN

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Without prior notice in the online store first part published resident Evilfamous survival horror series from Capcom. For ten euros you can already buy the game, the second and third parts with subtitles. Nemesis they will soon follow. The entire trilogy you can pre-order for discount package. All this without DRM, as we are used to at GOG.

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This is the original PC port from 1996, adapted for computers with Windows 10 and 11. Minor modifications are also included, such as improved rendering, anti-aliasing support, or the ability to run the game in a window. The game also supports modern controllers.

It has a port in the store good feedbackThe game is said to run well and smoothly, but several players have expressed regret that more changes could have been made to the game’s content, such as including content from the console version of the Director’s Cut or some of the improvements that later came from fan mods.

In light of the successful remakes of the Resident Evil series, speculation has arisen that redo first part (as we reported for example here), although the game already received it in 2002 on GameCube. Later, in 2015, it was even updated. Thanks to GOG, anyone can try out what the game originally looked like with tank controls and randomly humorous dubbing. The rest can expect either further remakes or direct Resident Evil 9which, for example, is what insider Dusk Golem reflects on.

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