Make Your Summer Better With a Graphics Card Upgrade

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Summer break is slowly approaching, and report cards or the end of the semester are an opportunity for many students to reward themselves. For example, by updating the game set.

The most important part of the computer that most affects gaming performance is, of course, the video card. That’s why it’s the most common component when upgrading your computer. But which model should you choose to get the most out of summer games like Star Wars Outlaws and Black Myth: Wukong?

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The choice of graphics depends on your budget, as well as other aspects. These include the type of games you play, the resolution of your main monitor, and perhaps even the size of your case. In all cases, it is ideal to choose the latest generation of graphics cards, which offer modern features and the longest support.

For players of competitive games such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends or Rocket League, we can recommend, for example, MSI GeForce RTX 4060 Ti VENTUS 2X BLACK 16G OCThe card delivers up to several hundred frames per second at Full HD resolution, and you can play smoothly even at QHD.

For competitive gamers, the biggest draw will be NVIDIA’s Reflex technology, which reduces system responsiveness. This happens not only between the computer and the game server, but also with the computer itself. In order for every mouse movement to turn into a well-aimed shot as quickly as possible, this delay must be eliminated, which NVIDIA Reflex helps with.

Brighten up your summer with the Illustration1 MSI GPU upgrade.

This version of the graphics card will cost you less than CZK 12,000 and offers super-standard 16 GB of video memory and the performance to run all modern games.

If you’re looking for something more, choose a model MSI GeForce RTX 4070 VENTUS 2X E 12G OC. Nvidia’s seventies graphics models are very popular among more demanding gamers who plan to play at QHD resolutions and higher detail.

This graphics version is also suitable for more demanding games with ray tracing enabled. Here you can enjoy sci-fi worlds, such as the atmosphere of the upcoming Star Wars: Outlaws in Black Myth: Wukong. All this with realistic reflections and high FPS. Due to the introduction of the Super model, it can be purchased for CZK 13,490.

Brighten up your summer with the Illustration2 MSI GPU upgrade.

Nvidia’s new Super models offer even better performance. For example: MSI GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER 12G VENTUS 2X OC Compared to the base model (without the Super marking), it has a significantly larger number of CUDA cores. Specifically, these are 7168 CUDA cores versus 5888 cores. The chip frequency has also increased, so you can really see the difference in performance.

The GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER once again boasts QHD resolution and even better detail, possibly higher frame rates. At the same time, the price tag is easily 16 thousand crowns.

Brighten up your summer with the Illustration3 MSI GPU 1 graphics card upgrade

In addition to all this graphics, you will also be able to enjoy other Nvidia technologies. Probably the most famous is DLSS. In the case of the “Super Resolution” part, you save tens of FPS without a noticeable decrease in image quality. This is a widespread technology that has appeared in several titles in recent years. Super Resolution reduces the load on graphics thanks to machine learning scaling. The freed up power can be used, for example, to increase detail.

Frame generation then offers an even greater FPS boost with the help of artificial intelligence that generates additional frames. They are impossible to distinguish from the real ones. DLSS frame generation only works on GeForce RTX 40 series cards, so we recommend purchasing one of the current models listed above.

With DLSS, you generally get higher frame rates and can afford to enable better detail, including ray tracing. Lighting and light reflections become even more complex thanks to Ray Reconstruction, which is the combination of reflections using machine learning algorithms.

You can enjoy all these technologies on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 cards from MSI. This summer, DLSS and RTX will revive anticipated hits like Black Myth: Wukong and Star Wars Outlaws. Both games will not only offer an engaging story experience but also top-notch graphics that you definitely won’t want to miss.

Source :Indian TV

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