Counter-Strike 2 has expanded popular community maps

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The cult Counter-Strike series turns 25 these days. While Valve doesn’t appear to be planning any big announcements, players did receive some pretty good news. In particular, there was Release of community selected maps for Counter-Strike 2which are available in different game modes.

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A significant percentage of players still remember, for example, the times of Counter-Strike 1.6. famous pool day card. It is unclear at this time whether there will be more maps to follow the five listed below. Valve has not yet released any additional information about the new operation, which has long been speculated. Counter-Strike 2 is available for free on Steam.

These are the following five cards:

  • Momento (Classic and Deathmatch)
  • Assembly (Classic, Deathmatch)
  • Tera (Custom, Host)
  • Mills (Classic, Deathmatch)
  • Pool Day (Deathmatch, Arms Race)

Source :Indian TV

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