New fully adjustable GENESIS Zircon XIII mouse. The game is just starting

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GENESIS Zircon XIII is the most advanced mouse in the Genesis product line, released in honor of the 13th anniversary of the Genesis brand. With interchangeable components, this mouse can be fully customized to suit your own gaming style. Additionally, the GENESIS Zircon XIII features RapidSpeed™ wireless connectivity, up to 100 hours of battery life, and one of the best sensors in the world (Pixart PAW3395). You will hardly find a more advanced and reliable gaming mouse on the market.

Make custom settings

The GENESIS Zircon XIII is a state-of-the-art product and one of the first fully customizable gaming mice on the market. What’s important is that it’s not just about personalization and customization through software. GENESIS Zircon XIII offers the ability to replace the main pushbutton switches without the need for soldering (hot-swappable sockets), installing springs and changing their pressure (15g/25g) and even adjusting the travel (0.4/0.5/0.6/ 0.7 g). mm) thanks to the included spacers. The mouse’s replaceable back panel also allows you to adjust its shape. This allows you to precisely adapt your gaming mouse to the type of grip you use. The same applies to stability. Each user can influence this using the included stabilization knobs. Just stick them on the selected parts of the mouse.

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New fully adjustable GENESIS Zircon XIII mouse.  The game is just starting.  GENESIS Zircon XIII, image, top view, details

Precision and even smoother movements with Motion Sync.

GENESIS Zircon XIII is the epitome of positioning precision. The built-in Pixart PAW3395 sensor is one of the best optical sensors in the world and provides full performance even at very fast motion (16.51 m/s) and 50G acceleration. The mouse is equipped with Motion-Sync technology. This ensures that the mouse position data sent to the computer is completely synchronized with the mouse position received. The result is not only smoother movement, but also greater efficiency in detecting even the smallest movement or action.

New fully adjustable GENESIS Zircon XIII mouse.  The game is just starting.  GENESIS Zircon XIII imaging software scaled.

The first mouse to feature RapidSpeed™ wireless connectivity.

The GENESIS Zircon XIII is the brand’s first mouse to feature the all-new RapidSpeed™ wireless connection, delivering lightning-fast data transfers without the limitations of a wired connection. For greater freedom of play, this model is equipped with a larger capacity battery that can provide up to 100 hours of operation. Those who want to use a cable connection will also benefit. The GENESIS Zircon XIII can be connected to your computer using the included USB-C to USB Type A Paracord cable.

New fully adjustable GENESIS Zircon XIII mouse.  The game is just beginning GENESIS Zircon XIII image top view in white scale

Amazing interior and full functionality

Inside the GENESIS Zircon XIII, in addition to a high-quality optical sensor and a number of replaceable components, there are high-quality components that can ensure uninterrupted gaming for a long time. These include basic push-button switches (Kailh 8.0 with 8 million clicks) and a durable TTC Gold switch. The manufacturer has not forgotten about additional software, which includes advanced applications, built-in memory and a number of other functional controls located at the bottom of the mouse.

Price and availability

The GENESIS Zircon XIII gaming mouse is available from selected retailers and resellers at a recommended price of CZK 1,599 in black or white.

Source :Indian TV

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