Are you waiting for Silksong? Go play Nine Sols! – NATIVE AMERICAN

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Still waiting for the sequel to everyone’s favorite 2D insect Metroidvania? Well, I have great news for you! Although, unfortunately, I have no idea when or ever Silk Song it will indeed come out, but I have just reviewed a title that will completely satisfy your taste buds and shorten your wait! Instead of insects, the main role is played by fluffy cats, but you will get exactly the same, or even more, during mind-blowing battles with bosses. However, this does not bother you, because thanks to the combat system inspired by Ax Based heavily on dodging enemy attacks, this game is not only damn challenging, but also damn fun!

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Nine Nightingales are action souls metroidvania type with stunning, stylish hand-drawn 2D images Taopunk. Taopunk is simply a combination of Taoism, the Chinese philosophy of the harmony of the universe, and cyberpunk, a dark futuristic subgenre of science fiction. At first glance, this connection may seem strange, but Taiwanese indie developers Games with a red candle managed to do it absolutely perfect. The combination of Asian culture and futuristic technology looks beautiful, and visually we have absolutely nothing to complain about in the game. You will be completely lost in this world and its various corners, because wherever you go there is something to admire. The soundtrack follows the same style, combining frantic futuristic electronica during boss battles with a relaxing oriental ambience as you progress through the massive levels.

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