The government approved the creation of the State Audiovisual Fund

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The Czech government has approved an amendment to the Audiovisual Act, which should, among other things, change the current law. State Cinematography Fund on audiovisual fund. This was pointed out by David Shemik from Amanita Design. After years of delays and discussions, government subsidies should go directly to game developers. The proposal will now go to the House of Representatives.

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The State Audiovisual Fund is planned to be divided into four categories. Support will be available not only for film and television productions, but also for animated audiovisual works and video games. “Each category will have its own council, which will ensure truly sufficient professional control over the entire system,” says Ondřej Hrast (Pirates), Deputy Minister of Culture Martin Baja (ODS).

There should also be more money coming into the fund. The amendment includes the introduction of fees for VOD (video on demand) services such as Netflix and Max. Under the current version of the law, the duty does not apply to foreign companies; they will now have to hand over 2% of local sales and invest another 1.5% directly in local content.

Investing in the video game industry will help in the long run, for example in neighboring Poland and Germany. There, developers can get up to half the development cost, and this has a positive impact on the growth of the industry.

Source :Indian TV

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