The crew comes back from the dead

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In April of this year, Ubisoft ended support. the first part of The Crew arcade racing series, which was released on both PC and consoles in 2014. Aside from the fact that the game was pulled from sale last December, this basically meant shutting down the servers. And since the game required a constant Internet connection, after this step it was no longer possible to play it.

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Ubisoft even removed the game from players’ gaming libraries, sparking some pretty heated debate over individual game ownership and digital licenses in general. However, some fans were clearly unhappy with the end of The Crew. The result was an attempt to create a server emulator, thanks to which some progress would be achieved. could make The Crew playable again.

Its authors even boasted of the first demo, which showed a working version of this modification. Although full online functionality cannot be expected, in the future, thanks to the efforts of moderators, the first The Crew may rise from the ashes, which few expected after the recent server shutdown.

Source :Indian TV

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