The Czech game Schrot and the Slovak Soviet Republic has been released

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Over the past few days, one Czech and one Slovak game have been released. This is a Czech name strategy called Schrot, which is maintained by a developer with the nickname Spytihnev. In the past, he introduced a retro first-person shooter to positive reviews called Hrot. Shrot, based on the old Czech real-time strategy game Paranoia, also relies on a nostalgic twist. But the game has a lot in common with the legendary strategy Dune2. Shrot is available on Steam for less than 10 euros.

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Slovak name mentioned game Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic, which has been available in Steam Early Access since March 2019. At the end of last week, the authors from the 3Division studio released the full version, which is available on Steam. The genre is a construction strategy in which you try to turn a poor Soviet republic into a rich industrial power. Developers are tempted to gradually build a world with complex production chains and a fully simulated global economy.

Source : Zing

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