Cyberpunk 2077’s canceled expansion was supposed to send us to the moon

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Cyberpunk 2077, despite high ambitions and original plans, ultimately it only has one disk with history data in the form of a meaningful Phantom Liberty. But everything points to CD Projekt having bigger plans for the game from the start. In addition to other data discs, for example, multiplayer is often mentioned. However, the original ambitions gradually took over, no doubt influenced by the problematic technical state after the release of the base game, which suffered the most among players on last-gen consoles.

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Based on the recent leak of several concepts and other additional files, it looks like we’re headed for a cancellation of the expansion. they were supposed to go to the moon. The game’s lore itself describes the Moon and its colonization in some detail, so it would make sense to have a significant role in a possible data disc. Although we didn’t go to the moon in Cyberpunk 2077, it is possible that the developers will at least partially transfer their plans to the sequel, which is already being worked on by the newly created CD Projekt department in Boston, USA.

Source :Indian TV

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