Will Palworld Coming to PlayStation? Arrival of Pokemon with weapons hinted – INDIAN

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Bubble around Palmyre although it is slowly deflating – like other games in Early Access, it can be re-inflated not only by new content expected by current players, but also by the game being released on another platform. She must be Game console.

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“Pokémon with Weapons” was released earlier this year for PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. Pocketpair studio has not previously abandoned the console version of Sony. Now it was suggested by the community manager of the social network X, where he used red, green and white emoticons and added blue hearts – the main color of the PlayStation.

“I want to add more hearts, but I don’t know what color would look good… hmm… how about…” Bucky wrote before adding. blue hearts. And he added: “I think it looks good!”

Is this a hint that Palworld will be coming to PlayStation? The MacOS version has already been confirmed.

So we’ll see how long we have to wait for the official announcement. Perhaps we will see this in a few days. It will be released on June 27. big update. It will bring a new island with interesting places and new friends of different types, including the armored pala. There will also be new raids, new factions with bosses, an arena mode, and dedicated servers will be available to Xbox players.

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Source :Indian TV

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