Bethesda has returned money to players for Redfall

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When Microsoft announced the closure of Arkane Austin in May of this year, it was clear that this meant the final end of efforts to restore the reputation of the failed Redfall event that released last May. Despite widely controversial reception and criticism of a range of fields After the release, the authors tried to correct at least some of the criticized elements in the form of free updates. The most recent update from May added, for example, the long-remembered offline mode.

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Due to the aforementioned studio closure, in addition to possible other improvements, the game will not even receive additional content that was promised before release as a bonus for owners of the more expensive edition called Bite Back. Bethesda management decided to pay off this debt by issuing a full refund to the owners of the mentioned Bite Back edition. In the last few days they started reporting that they had received an email from support in which the publisher announced automatic refund.

Therefore, there is no need to apply for a refund anywhere. We are most likely talking about one of the last steps, which happened in connection with Redfall. In any case, the game is still available on PC (Steam), Xbox Series X/S and Xbox/PC Game Pass.

Source :Indian TV

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