Bluepoint is still working on its own game, team leader confirms

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Studio Bluepoint games he’s working on his own game, rather than the remake or remaster he’s primarily known for. We initially learned this information following the company’s acquisition of Bluepoint. Sony in 2021, but the Texas developers’ project has not been discussed since then. The existence of the game has already been confirmed by the team leader. Peter Dalton.

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“Nothing has changed since we announced that we were working on a copyrighted game. Everything needs its time. We are determined to improve!” he directly answered the question of one of the X network users.

For example, Bluepoint has released a number of successful remasters and remakes. Gravity Rush Update, Shadow of the Colossus or the most recent Demon Souls. They have also taken part in a number of games, most recently at God of War Ragnarok. But they only have one original name – twin stick shooter. Explosion factor since 2006. It has already demonstrated the technical capabilities of the team – it was the first console game to run simultaneously in Full HD and 60 frames per second.

Source :Indian TV

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