Atlas Fallen will be significantly improved and enriched – INDIAN

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A year ago, a rather mediocre action RPG was released on PC and current generation consoles Atlas the Fallen. Its creators have now surprised by announcing a new version that invites new and old players into a fantasy world covered in sand.

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Kingdom of Sand is a free update that overhauls many of the game’s core mechanics and features, as well as introducing various progression and quality improvements. This update is a direct result of valuable community feedback.

“Reign of Sand reflects our commitment to providing all players with a dynamic and engaging experience,” – says Ahmed Boukhelifa, CEO of PULLUP ENTERTAINMENT. “This free update is a testament to our commitment. It will bring with it significant content and many new features that the community and all other players will appreciate.”

Expanded world, new enemies, reworked progression, new quests… The world of Atlas Fallen will be enriched with this major and completely free update. We’ll get a new English dub from the talented Ben Starr (Final Fantasy XVI, Warframe), a redesigned campaign, and the opportunity to battle even more terrifying creatures with 25 new Essence Stones. The mode will also arrive New game plus and new difficulty Nyaal’s Nightmare.

“Our team is grateful for the opportunity to continue development of Atlas Fallen and offer players a significantly redesigned version. We’ve listened to feedback and made a number of improvements that we hope will make the game even more enjoyable for players.” says Jan Klose, Creative Director of Atlas Fallen.

On August 6, Atlas Fallen will be replaced by Atlas Fallen: Realm of Sand. This updated and completely free version will replace the base game and will be available as an update on all platforms. Players, both new and returning, will be able to immerse themselves in the adventure. Your character progression, gear, and save locations will be compatible with Reign of Sand. However, the authors recommend starting a new game to fully enjoy it and immerse yourself in all the new features and improvements in the update.

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Source :Indian TV

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