The Ace Attorney Investigations Collection will be released in September

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Yesterday’s insider information was confirmed; Capcom indeed announced another Ace Attorney collection on today’s Direct, the latest of the remaining ones. It’s called Ace Attorney Investigations Collection and will offer both parts of this spin-off miniseries released in 2009 and 2011 respectively on the Nintendo DS. Although the first title was released in the West at the time, this will be a world premiere for Investigations 2, as the game was originally released only in Japan.

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Both parts take place shortly after the end of the third part of the main series, Trials and Tribulations, but unlike the other parts, in Investigations you play as prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. Moreover, in terms of content, these are not directly trials, but, as the name suggests, inspection of crime scenes and interrogation of witnesses. In addition, compared to classic works, you can move freely around the environment.

First of all, the collection promises a lot improved graphics thanks to completely new sprites, as well as improved animation. However, if for some reason the new look does not suit you, you can switch the game to the original version in pixel graphics. Like the previous collection, the new product will offer several QoL improvements, a full soundtrack (including several new versions of songs), illustrations and other bonuses.

Fans of the series know that there has been a fan localization for the second part for a long time. However, as with the TGAAC translation, Capcom decided not to negotiate with the authors and instead offers the second volume an entirely new translation. That’s why the game is subtitled “The Prosecutor’s Gambit” instead of “The Prosecutor’s Path”, Judge Justine Courtney’s name is Verity Gavell, and lawyer Raymond Shields’ new name is Eddie Fender. Probably the worst thing for players is the change of a rather stupid and naive young prosecutor, whose name in the fan localization was Sebastian Debeste, and in the official translation – Eustace Winner.

A collection of Ace Attorney investigations will be released soon 6 September further PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Source :Indian TV

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