Miyazaki: As long as I lead FromSoftware, I will not allow layoffs

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Hidetaka Miyazakiboss FromSoftware and pioneer of the Souls-like genre, responded in an interview with PC Gamer to, among other things, questions related to the waves of layoffs or outright closures that have affected many game companies. Miyazaki categorically denies FromSoftware’s accusations and explains why.

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“I think it was Iwata-san, the former president of Nintendo, who said that “people who are afraid of losing their jobs are afraid to make good games.” I’m paraphrasing now, but I completely agree with him,” he says. In addition, it was Satoru Iwata who cut his salary in half in 2013 to avoid layoffs.

Miyazaki continued: “I think it’s true. And I think people at our parent company, Kadokawa, understand that I feel very strongly about that view. Although we cannot say one hundred percent – we cannot say with absolute certainty what the future of companies will be. [FromSoftware] and Kadokawa – at least as long as I am responsible for this company, I will not allow this to happen. I hope this gives our players and fans a little confidence.”

In addition to the fact that FromSoftware avoided layoffs, the developers of Dark Souls or Elden Ring are going to strengthen their efforts. Other Japanese companies such as Koey Techmo And Capcom.

Source :Indian TV

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