Life simulator Life by You is canceled

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Paradox Interactive announced on the official forum the cancellation of the anticipated life simulator called Life by You, which was intended to take on the popular The Sims series from Electronic Arts. Stop Development Report occurs after a number of delays, which indicated that development was in trouble. Deputy CEO Matthias Lilgi said it was a difficult decision, one that was preceded by Paradox’s inability to meet both its own requirements and the expectations of the community.

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The company executive added that despite delays, longer development times and some potential, the path to release remains open. continues to be too long and uncertain. Additionally, he said, the game in its current form is still lacking in some key areas. Even further delay will not help to achieve at least satisfactory quality.

In the end, Lilji called the unsuccessful path of Life by You a painful lesson for the future. For clarification, it is useful to add that the game was created in California studio Paradox Tectonicwhose future is currently uncertain.

Source :Indian TV

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