The authors of the remake of Alone in the Dark are finishing

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Survival Horror Alone in the Dark, released in March of this year as a reimagining of the original game, was not liked by critics or players, which, as we already know, was reflected in sales, which were not satisfactory for Embracer.

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Quite quickly, a number of developers from the Swedish Pieces Interactive team were fired, but the remaining ones did not stop working on the game. Over the course of three months, we’ve seen smaller and larger patches, most recently the addition of a photo mode or New Game+ mode. Unfortunately, it looks like this was the last update, as the studio announced it was ending today.

At the time of writing, we are still waiting for confirmation from THQ Nordic, which the studio falls under, however, only an image with a short message appeared on Twitter and the official Pieces Interactive website. “Thank you for playing with us” and the years from 2007 to 2024 in which the studio operated. In addition to Alone in the Dark, she has previously contributed to the development of games such as Titan Quest and Magicka, including their DLC.

This probably doesn’t bode well for the Alone in the Dark brand as such. Several months ago, Embracer went through a significant restructuring, canceling many projects and closing some studios. He probably won’t want to start the next installment in a series that doesn’t have much hope of selling.

Source :Indian TV

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