LEGO Horizon Adventures focuses on humor. It will be a shorter game – INDIAN

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For the car hunter Aloy this time we will join an atypical adventure in a cubic world. With that in mind, this will be a shorter game that, like other LEGO games, relies on humor. Guerrilla games and Sony is targeting young gamers who can look forward to traveling through the lush desert while saving the world.

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It’s about updated story from Horizon Zero Dawn. It will simply be more attractive and suitable for children, who will finish it in seven to eight hours. But this is not a parody or a true retelling of the story from 2017. Some more complex events fade into the background. A plus is the return of actors and voice actors from Horizon Zero Dawn.

LEGO Horizon Adventures will have replayability elements. The game is also designed for one player for two players in local and online co-op. Unfortunately, cross-play will not be supported.

The main character Aloy will use a bow (when shooting through fire, the arrow will light up) and cubes for construction. This will be possible customize costumes and your hut, or rather its roof. You can install a roller coaster on it, while improving the yard, area and changing the color of the hut. It pays off along the way Collect coins. They are needed to upgrade weapons and purchase additional equipment/improvements.

LEGO Horizon Adventure created in Unreal engine 5 and will run at 60 frames per second on PC and PlayStation 5. On PS5 there will be a choice of Fidelity (30 frames) mode with better graphics and Performance (60 frames). The game will also be released on Nintendo Switch later this year.

The developers’ goal was to create a game that was visually reminiscent of a playable LEGO movie. I wonder what everything in the game is made from individual cubes. Thus, theoretically, each element could be assembled from physical cubes in real life.

As for the combat, it will, of course, be easier, but you will recognize some of the mechanics of the Horizon series, for example: weak points of enemies using Focus and using weapons that fall out of the car. It won’t go to waste difficulty slider.

Foreign editors have had the opportunity to play LEGO Horizon Adventures and they are enthusiastic. Some journalists even talk about it this is a new beginning for the Horizon series. One way or another, they praise the simple but addictive gameplay, humor, interesting world, graphics, co-op and action.

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Source :Indian TV

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