In the series “Polda” we finally find out how Pankratz became a private detective – INDIAN

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After a short delay on Steam for all owners of the adventure game. Cop 2 remaster A free story expansion between Polda 2 and 3 has been released. It is dedicated. how Pankratz became a private detective. This is a reward for financial support. At the time the addition was described as a short intermezzo accordingly. a short adventure game of approximately 5 to 7 backgrounds in size.

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The story begins where the original Polda 2 ended, that is, in the hot air balloon that leaves Barbieland, and ends exactly where Polda 3 began, that is, in the office of private detective Pankratz. Playable epilogue will run until Polda 2 is finished, and can also be launched separately from the game menu.

To play the epilogue, you need to update Polda 2 Remaster to version 1.12.

Zima Software is currently working on a brand new adventure called Pankrác. For development Cops 8 CZK 2,474,082 were collected. This is supposed to be the last episode with Pankratz, whom he dubs. Ludek Saturday. At the beginning of the game, Pankratz will be kidnapped from his home village in Lupany, and Monika from the previous part will go in search of him, along with a completely new character. It will also be playable.

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Source :Indian TV

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