Astro Bot will offer 80 levels. Even more planned for free DLC – INDIAN

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Towards the release of an action platformer Astro Bot will be ready approximately 80 levels. The developers at Team Asobi are planning to add more free additional content, which should be released soon after the game’s launch.

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Nicolas Doucet revealed the contents of the DLC for the American server IGN. He must bring additional levels/challenges. These are supposed to be shorter levels focused on specific platforming objectives. He has something else for them that Doucet did not want to clarify in detail.

Current in-game tasks center around rescuing a bot wearing a character costume. from PlayStation history. There are about 150 of them in the game, including Kratos and his son. The main adventure is expected to feature one of over 50 God of War themed planets. Also spotted were Ratchet and Riveta, PaRappa, Jack and Traveler from Journey. They are complemented by another 300 robots. Do you think the writers are planning some interesting connections with a non-PlayStation brand?

Astro Bot will be released on September 6 this year on PlayStation 5 with Czech subtitles.

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Source :Indian TV

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