“Workers and Resources” will again propose to build a Soviet republic in the harshest conditions on Earth – INDIA

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The end of the month will be pro Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic very important. The construction strategy from the Slovak studio 3Division will see not only the release of the full version after five long years in early access, but also the first additional content.

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The creators have prepared a DLC that expands the environment by three new biomes. A Soviet superpower could be built in the sultry desert of Arabia, the inhospitable tundra of Siberia, and the lush tropical jungles of Southeast Asia. Each environment will bring its own challenges and opportunities..

“Find a famous nation from scratch on unpopulated maps, or discover populated maps that already have small cities with architecture corresponding to their respective biomes. These cities really need a visionary leader to bring them together.” we will read in the press release.

In the desert, you will face limited access to trees and, as a result, the need for local deforestation on the least available wet land. You’ll also have to prepare for the logistical challenges of shipping over long distances, whether from distant oases or overseas. On the contrary, in Siberia we need to prepare for a longer and harsher winter. More investment will need to be made in relevant sectors – a shorter growing season puts pressure on your agricultural sector and heating services struggle to function in cold climates. In the tropics, you’ll experience monsoons again – roads will suffer from the onslaught of rainfall and traffic will slow down. For this reason, you will have to plan for a reduction in industrial and commercial activities.

“Enjoy the challenge of unique biomes that will allow you to discover new opportunities and experience new challenges as you build a strong republic in the harshest environments on Earth” adds press release.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic will be available in full version on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store from 06/20/2024. The paid Biomes add-on will be released on the same day.

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Source :Indian TV

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