Deliver Us Home has launched a Kickstarter campaign.

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Founders of the Dutch studio KeokeN Interactive have launched an announced Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming game Take us home. This happens after they found neither an investor nor a publisher and had to fire the entire team.

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The new product is a continuation of previous award-winning research degrees. Bring us the moon And Bring us Mars. Like the first sequel, it will be possible to play it even without knowing the previous stories. This time we will go to an unexplored planet, which we will try to adapt to human life.

“Even if you have prepared for the unexpected, the worst and most extreme conditions, no one knows what awaits you on the surface. Survive in the unknown, explore the wasteland and make your way to the new home of humanity, revealing the secrets of the mysterious colonizers who somehow got here long before you…” the authors beckon.

In addition to the story, which has already played a big role in previous games, the developers want to emphasize planet exploration or survival elements. Character upgrades (unspecified, possibly handcrafted) are expected to grant new abilities, which in turn will help overcome other obstacles. The world will open up to us in Metroidvania style.

KeokeN asks players for a replacement 108 thousand dollars. Soon after the launch of the campaign he 20 thousand dollars. If successful, backers level 3 and above will receive an early demo of the game.

Authors have to keep costs to a minimum, but talk about using external partners and gradually expanding the team. They would like to begin pre-production in the fall and full production by the middle of next year. The game is currently scheduled for release in the second half of 2026.

Source :Indian TV

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