Dragon Age: The Veilguard in the first trailer introducing new companions – INDIAN

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So we finally got it. After years of waiting, getting confused, listening to not-so-positive behind-the-scenes rumors about development, and studying the tiny bits of news and information BioWare dropped in by dropper, we finally got it. the first full-length trailer that beckons Dragon Age: Guardian of the Veil. This is a game that until recently we knew under a more colorful name. Dragon Age: Dread Wolf.

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The trailer, which premiered at the Xbox Games Showcase, lived up to expectations. focuses on companions with whom we will save all of Thedas. FROM Dragon Age: Inquisition Explorer Harding returns, interacting with the famous dwarf Varric in the trailer. There is also Detective Neave or the mage killer Lukanis. We’re also introduced to Bellara, who can leap across the barrier between the normal world and the Shadow known as the Veil, as well as the necromancer Emmrich, the elven Gray Warden Davrin, or the dragon hunter Taash.

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