Action adventure South of Midnight from the authors of We Happy Few looks interesting – INDIAN

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An interesting southern adventure awaits us in 2025 on Xbox Series X/S and PC. South of Midnight from the workshop Forced games. The authors of We Happy Few and Contrast boasted a four-minute gameplay trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024.

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The video was filmed about a third of the way through the story and shows main character Hazel (we met her in the first trailer last year). Now he accompanies Hazel chatty catfishwho will be next to the heroine all the time.

After a Category 5 hurricane, Hazel lost her mother but regained the once dormant power of the Weave, a magical ability that allows her to alter the tapestry of energy that makes up the Universe. But this does not happen immediately – reality itself began to collapse, dragging it deeper and deeper into the world of magical realism, where people come to life, and the ruins left by the hurricane are swallowed up by destruction.

Hazel wants to find her mother at any cost. At the beginning of the trailer they are following her, but she sees one of mythical creatures, nightmares born from real-life folk tales of the American South. In this case, it’s Two-Toed Tom, a blind, island-sized albino alligator who has been given new hunting grounds due to severe flooding. Catfish tells Hazel to go to the dilapidated church and ring the bell to lure Tom so they can escape. Through this we can see the use of different weaving abilities to overcome obstacles. Until he meets Haint.

Haint are the most common enemies in the game and come in many forms. Here we see the Brutus archetype, a mass of twisted negative energy that he gives form to. environmental trauma. We are offered a look at the combat system, the goal of which is not to kill someone, but fix what’s broken. This is the weaver’s metaphor: weavers must bring order, do good in the world. So even if Hazel fights aggressively, it’s for a good cause and she won’t kill anyone.

We can look ahead into unique biomes. Each is designed to reflect the wildly diverse southern landscape. All of them are inspired by real places. The part we see in the video resembles Mississippi.

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