Indiana Jones’s new in-game enemy is a jerk, but his take on American beer is hard to disagree with – INDIAN

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The new Wolfenstein was also not shown at this year’s Xbox Games Showcase, but fans of Swedish studio MachineGames can still look forward to the action-adventure title. Indiana Jones and the Big Circlein which cinema’s most famous archaeologist embarks on yet another adventure, this time set between films. Raiders of the Lost Ark And Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Thanks to the new trailer, we now have a better idea of ​​what the adventure, which takes place primarily in first person, will offer.

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The trailer first offers a montage of elements already seen, which shows where we will be looking during the game and what the new main villain Emmerich Voss and the central duo of Indiana Jones and journalist Gina really want. However, the demo version takes up a lot of space. adventure in the icy Himalayasin which all those who, thanks to the classic action adventure, were able to come to their senses Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Since 1999, Indy has been associated with snow and frost.

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