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After setting fire to the frontiers last time in Heretic: Roanoke Ruin, today we’re treated to a slightly different board game format. This time we delve into Altree’s visually very successful collaboration, which sees the heroes confront an evil that needs to be exorcised. It’s an attractive idea, but the following lines will tell you how it works in practice.

Number of players: 2 – 4
Game time: 60 minutes
Price: 1718 CZK (Alsa)
Age: 10+

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The Guardians face a difficult task in Altree.

Oltree is a game set in a world going through turbulent times. During them, humanity was forced to face an immeasurable evil, which ultimately won, but at the cost of enormous losses. Now the land of man is protected by the Guardians, whose mission is to fight evil on their quest and undertake quests to raise the world of man from the ashes to its original glory. The order is exclusive, but now this opportunity is given to fresh blood, and therefore to you.

At the beginning of your adventure, you will always have to choose who you will actually end up being. There are a lot of heroes and it’s up to you which one you take. They may interest you in their graphic design, their profession, or the special ability that sets them apart from their peers in the first place. Selina the Sorceress, for example, gets the benefit of rolling a profession die during each of her challenges, making her a pretty strong player. Warrior Gaspard, on the other hand, can obtain the raw materials of his choice through his actions, so he is also not disposable.

The heroes are presented with a world full of varied challenges, the shape of which is determined by the choice of narrative (Chronicle) they complete, and primarily by the fate associated with the roll of the dice, which somehow determines how quickly situations will overwhelm you. If luck is not on your side, you can quickly fill out individual regions through encounter maps. Of course, the opposite situation may also arise, and the dice will be on your side, which will make it somewhat easier for you to complete the game. However, how you deal with the challenges that arise is always primarily up to you, as you resolve various encounters and challenges within the confines of your heroes’ turns.Review of the board game Oltree OLTREE 7

During their two-action phase, they use dice to cut Gordian Knots, which can throw fights in your favor or end in failure. However, just because something doesn’t work doesn’t automatically mean there won’t be any reward. Even if you fail, Altrey’s game sometimes rewards you. In addition, you cannot turn away from situations, because ignoring them only leads to loss. However, during their journey through the game world, the heroes worry not only about how people are doing or how to survive the official visit of their superiors.

For the sake of their future, they must also visit the regions adjacent to the fortress and strengthen their positions. It is absolutely necessary to cooperate with the community at a time when it is not suffering from anxiety in the form of problems. Because it is she who brings you the raw materials necessary for the construction of structures in the fortress that can accommodate a lot. It can house forges, barracks or temples. Each of the buildings gives you different alternatives that heroes can use to strengthen themselves. The forge gives you another crafting profession cube, for example, and the observatory gives you a scientist cube.Review of the board game Oltree OLTREE 4

During your journey, you will face a series of dice challenges or fulfill some condition. The journey is really long, so you will experience a lot during it. Personally, I really like the effective connection of the wizarding world with the pure-blooded Middle Ages, in which people also had their usual troubles. Each chronicle has a specific ending format for the player at the end. You may succeed or fail in your endeavors in shorter periods. But when it comes to a larger campaign, there are small and big victories.Review of the board game Oltree OLTREE 6

Altrey’s strength is in the stories he offers.

The cooperative story game Oltree is one of the strong games that can captivate you at first sight. As soon as you unbox the game, you will immediately be delighted with how the game is designed graphically, because all the components are very nice, and you will also like the insert. However, Prim features high-quality gameplay in which you travel along with the heroes, completing various important stories with them and solving various challenging tasks. The difficulty of entry did not seem high to me, so even non-players can start playing.

Oltree is one of the successful co-op games that clearly shows that co-ops can be built on a very interesting foundation, stories and beautiful graphics. If you’re looking for a title where you can fight the forces of evil together, this could keep you entertained for ten hours or more. I guess I have no reason not to recommend it to myself.

Source :Indian TV

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