Pou meets GTA in Killer Bean comic – INDIAN

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If you’re looking for something new and love city events, Summer Game Fest has a comedy event. Killer Beanin which Pou meets Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto.

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Killer Bean is a first- and third-person shooter in a roguelike style. You will play as a villain-killer who deals with thugs. The story changes every time you start a new single player campaign. Locations, missions, characters and bosses change.

You will be driven by the desire to destroy the Shadow Agency after it betrayed you. You will face an army of enemies and the mysterious Shadow Beans, who are better trained and more powerful than you. It will be possible to drive a car and other vehicles all over the world. When you jump out of them, time slows down. You can also jump through the window.

There will be skill trees for your style (stealth, melee, parkour, firearms), different enemy factions, and a variety of vehicles and weapons. The game is being developed by one person and should be available on Steam Early Access this summer, where it will remain for a year or two. Major updates are planned to be released every two months.

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Source :Indian TV

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