Summer Game Fest Video Costs Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars – INDIA

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Over time Summer Games Festival replaced E3. The traditional celebration of video games has failed to adapt to the changing market and the needs of publishers and developers. This was taken advantage of by the presenter and producer of The Game Awards, who is now in control of one of the most important presentations of the summer.

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Summer Game Fest will be watched all over the world. Many upcoming games will be shown at the two-hour event. But, as they say, time is money. This also applies here. If you’re upset that we only see short videos, it’s because of the money. Publishers and developers have to pay for their time. Pin?

Isn’t this too little? The one-minute trailer from this year’s Summer Game Fest and last year’s The Game Awards show should remain intact. 250 thousand dollars (CZK 5.6 million). In a minute and a half the company will pay 350 thousand dollars (CZK 7.9 million). The longest trailers are two and two and a half minutes long. 450 thousand dollars (CZK 10.1 million) respectively 550 thousand dollars (CZK 12.4 million).

Kotaku verified this information using a classified document obtained from a source associated with the event. Participation in the Summer Game Fest also includes a certain number of posts on social networks from the official SGF account. One message will be sent for a 1-minute trailer, two messages for a 1.5-minute trailer, and three messages for a 2-minute trailer or more.

According to an anonymous PR specialist, for small companies these amounts far exceed the marketing budget of a single game. Despite this, it is expected that such investments pay off.

That’s what they’re here for free slots. They are offered to small games and studios that are not included in the AA and AAA categories. In this case, the last word apparently belongs to him producer and presenter Geoff Keighley.

This would be within the range of what we see. But the site has other attractions from publishers and developers, which are also paid. He pays for a booth and the opportunity to present his demo at the Summer Game Fest Play Day.

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Source :Indian TV

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