The list of confirmed Summer Game Fest games is growing – INDIAN

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It happens on Friday night Summer Games Festival. During this two-hour event, we will see a lot of previously announced games. Some developers have already demonstrated what they will show at the exhibition, while other projects are being widely discussed.

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Producer and presenter Geoff Keighley recently moderate expectations and listed several expected games that will definitely not be at the Summer Game Fest. He ruled out news about Grand Theft Auto VI, Judas or Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Leading insiders bring their information. For example computer confirms that the announcement from 2K Games will be a shooter based on comics Borderland 4 (there probably won’t be a new Mafia yet), and Kourakasis expects from PlayStation Studios LEGO Horizon Adventure. It is supposed to be a combination of the Horizon world with LEGO bricks. The title was previously rumored but has yet to be confirmed.

Let’s move on from speculation to confirmed games. Here’s a varied list, including a new trailer Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2introducing extensions Night sources for Alan Wake 2revealing news for Palworld or Dune: Awakening.

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Source :Indian TV

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