Czech action game Crime Boss: Rockay City wants to succeed on Steam with an aggressive price

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Developers from the Brno studio Ingame released the shooter Crime Boss: Rockay City in March last year, which received very mixed reviews from players and reviews. Despite the not entirely positive reviews, the authors are gradually providing their publication with new updates and paid additions. In the second half of May we learned that the game Released on Steam June 18th.which will end the existing Epic Games Store exclusivity.

Today, studio representatives announced the release of a version for Steam. they decided to reduce the price to 20 euros. However, the current version for consoles and the Epic Games Store usually costs twice as much. In addition to the more aggressive price tag, the authors are also trying to attract new players with bonus content in the form of all existing expansions, which you will receive for free when you purchase the base game on Steam.

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While the game won’t be available on Steam for two weeks, you can get it from Valve’s digital store page. you can already try it as part of closed testing. Access to the test can be organized directly on Steam. In addition to PC, Crime Boss: Rockay City is also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Source :Indian TV

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