Bodycam is set to be an ultra-realistic multiplayer shooter – INDIAN

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Studio Reissad is putting the finishing touches on bringing the first-person shooter to players Camera body. The two-person French team describes it as an ultra-realistic multiplayer shooter. I must say that the determination of a couple of enthusiasts 17 and 20 years old is definitely not enough.

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Bodycam they create in Unreal Engine 5 and through the game they want to push the boundaries of realism and photorealism. It will be a truly revolutionary experience for the genre, be it stunning graphics, immersive sound effects or shooter and movement.

You can enjoy classic game modes such as Deathmatch (up to 10 players) or Team Deathmatch (5v5), as well as the Body Bomb mode (5v5), designed for competition. Cooperation and communication with teammates will be essential to winning. Battles will take place in a variety of environments, including city buildings, shooting ranges, airsoft fields and forests.

If you’re interested in Bodycam, it will be released in early access on Steam on 06/07/2024. They want to release the full version in 6-12 months, depending on feedback. The current version is reported to be in an advanced stage of development. They plan to add new game modes, weapons, and features during Early Access.

It is worth reminding about this Unrecorded, another tactic designed to attract the attention of a body-mounted camera. You will play as a police officer who solves various cases.

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Source :Indian TV

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