Both Carlos Vemola and Attila Veg report a life form. How are preparations going for “Revenge of the Century”?

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The June tournament in Eden promises to be a truly spectacular spectacle from start to finish. But the highlight of the evening will be a title fight that will determine the light heavyweight champion and end the careers of two of MMA’s most prominent stars.

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Will the lions eat first?

This event will go down in the history of Czech-Slovak MMA. The Octagon 58 tournament will take place on June 8 at the Eden Football Stadium and bookmakers are reporting huge interest. How will the Vemola vs. rematch go? Veg for the light heavyweight title?

“Revenge of the Century” has become almost synonymous with the Eden tournament, which will be the icing on the cake of the entire event. It’s been almost five years since we saw Attila Veg stop Carlos Vemola in the first round, ending The Terminator’s winning streak after eleven wins in a row.

There was no doubt that the Terminator would be out for revenge, but we’ve been waiting for it for years for many reasons. Now D-day is approaching and we can follow two different approaches to preparation. Which one will lead to victory?

As Carlos continues to follow the cart, Attila Veg jumped into it while it was moving, but it doesn’t look like he’ll have much trouble getting back after the long pause. While Terminator travels to various training locations, including the UFC Performance Institute, Attila remains in the comfort of his gym.

Carlos flew from America to Thailand, where he said he was chasing his physique and intended to spend the last nine weeks sparring. At first, the Pole Ankos alternated with London, but did not miss his home gym, Reinders MMA.

Carlos made changes in his preparation after his loss to Pirate Kristofic, among other things, he hired a fitness trainer, which he had never used before. “I did all this myself for many years, in my own way, now I’ve looked through it all, got a little advice,” Carlos revealed.

We’re trying to do it differently, because while it worked for me, I didn’t change anything, now it hasn’t worked for me several times, so it’s time to change something, admitted the Terminator.

Attila took the whole preparation in a completely opposite way. “I spent all my training in Slovakia, and everything was adapted to me. If I went somewhere abroad, I would be just one of many, and the coaches wouldn’t have time to give me 100 percent attention.” Veg clarified his position in an interview with “It would be impractical for me to research how it works, I have everything tested here and I have family here.”

Attila is also supported by famous names in his preparation. “They are the same guys as before. I trained with Jozko Jalowjar, Piszta Wojczak, Lajos Papp, the new heavyweight wrestler, and Badink. So they’re really big guys. Also, under the leadership of Ilya Shkondrich, who is the head coach and one of the few coaches I respect. I will do whatever he says.” Attila added.

We can only guess which approach will ultimately be successful. Who will become the absolute OCTAGON light heavyweight champion will be decided during the summer tournament in Eden, which we will also be able to watch online on the Tipsport TV channel.

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