MSI introduced the new Claw 8 AI+ laptop

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Just a few months after releasing the MSI Claw handheld, the only one among its competitors to use an Intel chip, the company unveiled a new model at Computex.

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It goes by the rather fancy name Claw 8 AI+, with the number 8 denoting the size of the display, which is now 8 inches instead of 7. Otherwise, nothing has changed about the display, it is still an IPS panel with a 1080p resolution. , 120 Hz and VRR support. In any case, the change is a larger battery, from 53 Wh the capacity will increase to 80, just like the new ROG Ally X.

Anyway, the biggest news is the processor built on the Lunar Lake architecture, which was presented on Tuesday. Intel promises its most powerful x86 processors to date, which are suitable not only for ultra-thin laptops, but also for pocket computers. Briefly, let me remind you that in addition to a solid 14% increase in IPC for large Lion Cove cores, we can expect small Skymont cores at the level of Raptor Cove P-cores from current desktop processors.

In addition, Lunar Lake will offer an iGPU built on the Xe2 architecture (which will be on desktops as Battlemage), which should offer approximately 50% higher performance compared to the first generation that Meteor Lake had, and therefore also with MSI Claw.

Overall, the new Claw looks pretty impressive, which is likely reflected in the higher price. We don’t know the release date yet.

Source :Indian TV

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