Seek & Destroy update will significantly enrich War Thunder – INDIAN

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Thunder of War in June it will receive a major update called find and destroy. It will carry active radar-guided medium-range air-to-air missiles (also known as FOX-3), the Belgian and Dutch air forces, the Canadian version of the Leopard 2 tank and dozens of other land, sea and air weapons. vehicles for free multiplayer war action.

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The first medium-range missiles with ARKh War Thunder will feature the French MICA, Chinese PL-12, American AIM-120, Russian R-77, Japanese AAM-4, Israeli Derby and South African R-Darter. These new classes of missiles will be able to be used, for example, with the most advanced version of the Su-27 fighter (Su-27SM).

Belgian and Dutch Air Forces We can find neighboring France in the Benelux branch of the technology tree. This is done to increase the variety of options for players choosing this country. The series begins with the old Gladiator Mk I, which entered combat service in the late 1930s, and ends with the modern F-16AM Block 15 MLU. The French Mirage 5BA, developed for the needs of the Belgian Air Force, as well as the Dutch-built Fokker G.1A aircraft will find their place here.

What ground equipment As for what we find here, we find a Canadian modification of the Leopard 2A4 tank with additional composite armor modules, an improved thermal imaging camera and the ability to install a camouflage net. Fans of naval battles will be interested in trying Condor II – minesweeper of the GDR fleetarmed with three twin 25-mm autocannons and a FASTA 4M2 launcher with Strela-2M anti-aircraft missiles.

The Seek & Destroy update for War Thunder will be released in June.

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Source :Indian TV

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