Assassins, Operators and other reinforcements must go to XDefiant – INDIAN

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If Ubisoft wants players to stay interested in XDefiant, must regularly update its first-person shooter with compelling new content. This should be provided by other factions, new weapons and maps.

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As we already know, each season should bring one new faction, three new weapons and three maps. In the first year, the game will be expanded with four factions, 12 weapons and 12 maps. What factions can we expect?

According to data obtained from the game Rogue TX, the developers are preparing assassins from Assassin’s Creed, operators from Ghost Recon Breakpoint, members of GSG9 from Rainbow Six Siege and robbers from Far Cry: New Dawn.

Personally, killers surprise me. After all, this doesn’t really fit into a shooter, but on the other hand, it’s clear that Ubisoft would want to associate its largest and most successful brand with XDefiant. I’m really curious how they’re going to handle this development.

Clues were also found pointing to the Rabbits and the Team. But in this case we will talk more about cosmetic things. The data also revealed new game modes Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Infestation, as well as weapons such as the Sawed-Off, Tommy Pistol, FAMAS, Turret, RC Car, FAL, and G36 Rifle.

The game currently features scavengers from The Division, agents from Splinter Cell, ghosts from Ghost Recon, guerrillas from Far Cry 6 and hackers from Watch Dogs.

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Source :Indian TV

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