The brutal combat action of Chivalry 2 is heard – INDIAN

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The third free AAA game on Epic Games Store is a brutal multiplayer combat action game Chivalry 2which was released in 2021 and is very popular and popular among players.

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You can add Chivalry 2 to your digital library for free on the Epic Games Store until 06/06/2024. Another game will be available that day at 17:00 GMT. Billbil-kun revealed it prematurely again. According to him, this will be a tactical action. Marvel’s Midnight Suns from the creators of the XCOM series.

Chivalry 2 plays first-person view. The game is inspired by epic battles from medieval films. Players will experience every iconic moment of the era, from the clash of swords to storms of flaming arrows and sieges of majestic castles.

“Conquer giant battlefields with up to 64 players. Catapults tear the land to shreds as you lay siege to castles, burn villages and slay dirty peasants in a revamped team-based map mode.” the creators from the Torn Banner studio beckon.

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Source :Indian TV

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