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Everyone likes free stuff, right? And that’s why today we’ll look at the most interesting games for which you won’t have to pay a penny. However, we will not be covering classic LoLko, CSko or Fortnite. Instead, we’ll look at games you can play alone.

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Path of Exile is one of the best single player games you can play right now. But the reason we ranked it 10th is simple. We also wanted to show you games that you might not know about or that you might not know are free. And most of you have probably already heard of Path of Exile. But Path of Exile is such a great game that we couldn’t ignore it. This “spiritual successor” to Diablo from independent developers Grinding Gear Games was released in 2013, and it was from the first two parts of the legendary Blizzard game that the developers drew inspiration for this game. The game is set in a dark fantasy world and features classic Diablo RPG elements. Path of Exile is known for its huge passive tree, varied character builds, and great replayability. It’s actually similar to Diablo… but even better than Diablo. If you haven’t gotten your hands on Path of Exile yet, you’ll want to fix this quickly… well, hopefully the second part will be out soon.

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